1. VIEW OF THE DAY @ MARTINIS MARCHI, Solta, Croatia. Explore ->http://eightyfourrooms.com/hotel-search/martinis-marchi/



  3. HOTEL OF THE WEEK: SON MAS, MALLORCA. Rates from € 260 / day. Explore -> http://eightyfourrooms.com/hotel-search/son-mas-hotel-rural/


  4. Book at least 10 nights at the stylish Villa Fontelunga in Tuscany and receive two nights for free*.

    Explore the hotel - > http://eightyfourrooms.com/hotel-search/villa-fontelunga/

    * Only valid in 2014. Accommodation for 2 people in a double room.
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  5. HOTEL OF THE WEEK: VILLA DUBROVNIK, CROATIA. Rooms from € 300 / day. Take a look inside -> http://eightyfourrooms.com/hotel-search/villa-dubrovnik/


  6. VIEW OF THE DAY @ THE FORTE, CASCAIS, PORTUGAL. Explore -> http://eightyfourrooms.com/house-search/the-forte/


  7. Explore the tropical Villa Sungai on the magical island of Bali in the heart of the Indian Ocean. Take a look inside -> http://eightyfourrooms.com/house-search/villa-sungai/


  8. VIEW OF THE DAY @ HACIENDA DE SAN RAFAEL, SEVILLE, SPAIN. More inside -> http://eightyfourrooms.com/hotel-search/hacienda-de-san-rafael/


  9. Looking for your summer escape? Get inspired by our pick of the most stunning pools in Greece. Explore ->http://eightyfourrooms.com/hotels/europe/greece/


  10. VIEW OF THE DAY @ HOTEL U CAPU BIANCU, CORSICA, FRANCE. Take a look inside -> http://eightyfourrooms.com/hotel-search/u-capu-biancu/